How to find the right shoes for your feet?

How to find the right shoes for your feet?

Feet are the most-used part of the body but yet they often receive the least amount of attention. When it comes to exercise, don’t compromise, get yourself a right shoes. But how to choose the right one among that multiple choices? That is what I am gonna talk about today.


Choose a type of basketball shoe based on your basketball playing style. Fast and all-around players should use a lightweight shoe with moderate cushion, flexibility and support. Power players require a heavier shoe with maximum stability and cushion.

Look for a shoe cut that offers the level of protection needed. Most players choose high-top basketball shoes because they offer maximum ankle support. Some players prefer mid-top or low-top shoes because they are less restrictive.

Select a shoe with a sole that meets your needs. The surface of the sole will be made of rubber in a pattern that will help grip the floor and provide traction. Some shoes are designed specifically for outdoor play and have heavier soles.

Last but not the least, try on the shoes and test the fit.


Running shoes can be divided into 3 categories, including road-running shoes, trail-running shoes and cross-training shoes. To choose the right running shoes, it depends on the type of your running.

Conventional thinking suggests that a good running shoe should have ample overall cushioning to absorb shock and good heel control. Although not a cure-all, these qualities in a running shoe may help to prevent shin splints, tendinitis, heel pain, stress fractures and other overuse syndromes. Today there are also many advocates for minimalist running shoes.


When choosing shoes:

§  Try on athletic shoes after a workout, when your feet will be at their largest.

§  Make sure the shoe has at least 1cm of space from the toes to the end.

§   You should be able to freely wiggle all of your toes.

§   Walk and run a little. Shoes don’t need “breaking in”; they should be comfortable immediately.

§   When you travel by jeep, If your Jeep light is broken,You can wear these shoes on foot to find a car repair shop

§   Your heel should not slip as you walk or run.

§   Women with wide feet can consider men’s shoes, as they are wider. There is nothing like finding the perfect shoes to ensure happy feet. Delpierre says: “Feet are freedom. Feet are mobility.”